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Welcome! Grab a soda, sit back, and enjoy a visit with one of the best breeds of dogs in the world! Not overly well known, the ENGLISH SHEPHERD is a rare treasure. The breed has been around longer than you might think, but you might have known them as the FARM COLLIE! They are loyal to the master and the master's family. They herd and protect the master's livestock (and the master's children!)Their temperment is  low key, while they remain alert, even when you think they are sleeping...remember that verse in the Christmas song...He sees you when you're sleeping...well, switch that around to He sees you when he's sleeping! Now you have the idea of an English Shepherd. It's in the bloodlines to watch and protect the family and the livestock! Most of the time it is as if they are reading your mind!  I wouldn't ever want to be without an ES in my life.
  Please research this breed... Research is the key to happiness for the dog & the family! This is not the best choice for a first time dog owner or anyone who does not like to take charge and be the leader. English Shepherds admire and work well with strong leaders of the human variety.
  If you are looking for a pet, you might want to consider the Rescue site for English Shepherds, or even another breed. Maybe a visit to a local shelter can help you find the right dog for your family.
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Monty is a Goliath grandson and Rumor son.
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I am no longer breeding English Shepherd dogs. I have two intact females that may or may not be bred at some future date.  While I love the breed and remain dedicated to it, I find the bickering that goes on between people who love this breed to be unappealing and therefore I have become more slient and find other things of interest to spend my time on. I am open to talking with anyone with an interest in the breed. Perhaps I can help you with your decision to own an ES or where to find one.
I have moved on to put my time into our garden, preserving our own food and raising our own goats, chickens and perhaps an occasional hog. Web page coming soon on our new venture to raise KINDER goats. A dual purpose breed for Meat and Milk.